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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Sea Eagle anchored in McLane Cove.  You can see the last guy's wreck on the beach to the left.

Sea Eagle anchored in McLane Cove. You can see the last guy’s wreck on the beach to the left.

To celebrate the start of my third year aboard Sea Eagle (and the stellar April weather), we headed up to McClane Cove. There were huge tides over the weekend (18 foot swing), which put us arriving at the cove on a minus tide. The skinny water on arrival showed only 6′ deep on the depth finder and there was no depth data on the charts, so I putzed in very slowly and dropped the hook for the predicted North Winds.

Mother nature had other ideas and took that opportunity to switch to a strong South wind, which threatened to blow Sea Eagle up on the beach next to a couple of wrecked boats. I was thinking that must have been the last guy that tried to anchor in this little one boat bay. 😉

Sea Eagle at McLane Cove.

Sea Eagle at McLane Cove.

There really wasn’t enough room to spin the boat around, but I picked up the anchor and reset it for the now Southerly breeze, then settled in for some lunch before launching the dingy. We ran up to Fair Harbor Marina, but it was closed for the season still, so explored Stretch Island, Reach Island and cruised over the Vaughn Bay. The big tidal exchange had the currents just ripping around the spit into Vaughn Bay. We saw some paddle boarders trying to paddle out, but they were making zero headway, so elected to visit the spit instead.

The winds calmed down in the evening and we had a beautiful sunset on the flybridge. There are only a couple of vacation homes on the bay, so we had the place completely to ourselves. This just might be my new favorite anchorage. And for those of you keeping score, I ran the Wing Engine for an hour on the way home, pushing Sea Eagle along at the blinding speed of 4 knots!