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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Kayaking in Woodard Bay

The girls wanted to get the kayaks out, so we piled three of them on Yes Please and headed out for the Woodard Bay Conservation Area near Olympia. The water side of this beautiful area consists of an abandoned (and very long) railroad pier that is a nursery to hundreds of bats and several old log booms that have become a safe haven for Harbor Seals.

Sherri and Lauryn enjoying a stunning day on the water.

We anchored the boat well outside the boundaries of the Conversation Area, dropped the kayaks in the water and were immediately a popular curiosity for dozens of harbor seals. The girls lost track of the large number of young seals that would swim by them as we paddled along and were thrilled at all of the attention. They fondly refer to Harbor Seals as “puppies”.

We spent the day exploring the area and enjoyed sightings of hundreds of Great Blue Herons, Harbor Porpoises and almost no people. My kind of perfect weekend!

Yes Please, Grand Banks Eastbay 39

Yes Please, Grand Banks Eastbay 39