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Tired guests lulled to sleep by purring engines on Yes Please.

Spring finally decided to show up in the Pacific Northwest, which meant we decided to drop whatever chores we were supposed to be doing and head out in Yes Please. The Kirk’s parents were visiting from California, so we loaded up the boat with lots of picnic goodies and the entire family to head north in search of some sunshine.

We cruised up around Harstine Island, which rewarded us with stunning views of Mount Rainier to the east and the snow covered Olympic Mountains to the West. Bumpa and G-Mo were very impressed with the untouched shores of Squaxin Island and the reflection of the snow covered peaks on the calm waters of Peale and Squaxin Passages.

Stopping for lunch at Island Home proved to be a wise choice. We had the island all to ourselves, which allowed CeCe and Isaac to run free and play while the adults enjoyed a picnic table in the sun. We all walked out to the point to admire the natural beauty of Pickering Passage and laughed as we swung on the Rope Swing.

CeCe on the rope swing

When it was time to cruise back, we putzed around Hope Island and headed home just as the sun was setting on another perfect day. Our California guests were tuckered out, but very happy and could not believe the natural beauty we are so fortunate to live in every day.