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Yes Please, Grand Banks Eastbay 39 sx

Yes Please, Grand Banks Eastbay 39 sx

We’re heading into a bit of Heatwave in the Pacific Northwest. Predicted High Temperatures of 106° F were forecast and air conditioning is rare here, so we headed out onto the water to keep things cool!

I also dragged along my sidemount dive gear (Scuba), because, doesn’t everyone want to squeeze themselves into 2″ thick polar fleece and then a 1/4″ neoprene drysuit when it’s 100° outside? What was I thinking???

Once in the water with the 150 lbs. of dive gear on, I wasn’t quite so warm, but I saw a lot of marine growth accumulating on the propellers and rudders. That’s what happens when a boat sits unused too long, and poor Yes Please sat for two months while we were away. Sad to see, but it’s time to pull the boat and get the bottom cleaned up and painted.

The existing bottom paint is still in pretty good shape, but I saw a few patches on the keel that are starting to accumulate growth.

Scott Boyd, enjoying the good life on Yes Please

Once back on the boat, I kept my drysuit on and took the dog swimming. Our boat neighbors were having a good time watching. Yankee would swim just fine when I took him out and let him swim back to shore, but he’s still not crazy about going into water that is deeper than his head. Oh well, maybe his Dad is the crazy one.

Once rinsed off and settled back on the boat is was time for happy hour and to celebrate life. I’d been out of the water (diving) for way too long and I enjoyed the quiet beauty of our underwater world. Life is good.

Have a great summer and get those boats out on the water where they belong.