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Yes Please with our beautiful Fall Colors.

The color of the leaves turning in Autumn are beautiful in the Pacific Northwest. Our crisp night air temperatures drop down to freezing, but when the sun comes out, the reflection of the fall colors on the water is mesmerizing.

For Halloween weekend, we took advantage of calm conditions to putz out in Yes Please for some quiet time on the water. The fog as we left the dock was thick and wet, which always makes safe navigation a little challenging. Several times during the trip, we would pass close to other vessels out fishing and would see their wakes, but couldn’t see them in the fog, which makes for a great, spooky start!

Running at only 7-8 knots rather than our usual sixteen, meant it took us twice as long to get to our destination, but our timing turned out to perfect, as the sunshine broke through, just as we arrived at the dock. By the end of the afternoon, we were wearing shorts and soaking up the sunshine. What a glorious way to spend a Halloween Weekend!