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Yankee is happy to be back out in the boat!

With one sunny day in the forecast for Easter weekend, we jumped at the chance to head out to Island Home for some peace and quiet. The Doodle was happy to be out on the boat again and we arrived Saturday morning to find both docks empty and enjoyed the morning all to ourselves.

It seems in our rush to leave the cabin and head down to the boat, we forgot to bring one rather important item with us…. food! We grabbed two over-priced meals from the Deli at Bayview Market, only to discover that the sausage in the biscuits and gravy had green mold growing on it. Yucko! Sadly, we were half way to the Island by the time we discovered the moldy food, which reminded us of several similar incidents in the past with inedible foods from the Deli and items well past their due date. Note to self: no more deli food from Bayview Market in Olympia!

Parking a little close for comfort at an empty marina.

We scrounged together enough food to get by until dinner (we did remember to bring dinner and wine), enjoyed the sunshine and peaceful outstation. Around mid-afteroon, a sixty foot boat showed up, and with two WIDE OPEN docks available, chose to tie up so close to Yes Please, that their anchor was darn near right over our dingy. I was pretty surprised, but they were nice people with a pair of dogs. It’s a good thing we have curtains.

We cruised back home on Easter Sunday with 25 knot winds and choppy 2-3 foot seas, but it was a most welcome and easy weekend. We cooked Easter dinner for Sherri’s mom, then I took a break and digitized a line drawing of the boat and embroidered it an extra-large Boat Tote. I’m very happy with how well my hand digitized design stitched out.

Hand digitized Grand Banks Eastbay 39, embroidered on a tote.

Custom Embroidered Grand Banks Boat Totes are available from Belmore Custom Embroidery.