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Winsome rafting up in Hunter Bay.

Winsome rafting up in Hunter Bay.

After a stop in Friday Harbor to provision, the flotilla headed for Hunter Bay on the South East side of Lopez Island. This shallow, well protected bay is a beautiful anchorage and I think many people pass right on by and head up to Spencer Spit, which I find to be a bit too busy.

Sea Eagle arrived first and anchored in a nice spot in about twelve feet of water. Then we watched the rest of the gang arrive and four boats rafted up together near us. Will and Leah chose to head on home via Deception Pass. They missed out on a great time.

Hunter.Bay582The crabbing was very successful and there were fresh crab cakes to go with Craig’s amazing Crab Gnocchi at dinner. Mmmmm! We watched the sun set along with a Great Blue Heron that was nesting in a tree right next to the raft up.

The second day, it rained, so Janet made up a big pot of spaghetti (comfort food for a cold, wet day) and we had all ten people on the Sea Eagle for an awesome dinner!