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Fixing the d*mn toilet on a Nordhavn 47

Fixing the d*mn toilet on a Nordhavn 47

Yep, it’s a sh*tty job, but someone has to do it and the time has come to tackle the forward head on Sea Eagle. It has been problematic for the entire year that I have owned the boat, often backing up (and making a mess) if anything even resembling a solid object was flushed (like a small piece of TP). Grrrr!

This is definitely NOT my favorite job on the boat. Whoever installed the toilet last used LOTS of adhesive sealant that broke several utility knife blades. It was VERY tough stuff, so it took me three hours to get that d*mn toilet out!!!

Fortunately, it’s out, cleaned up, a new joker valve installed and appears to be working like a champ. We shall see!

Ever wonder what's inside your toilet?

Ever wonder what’s inside your toilet?