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After days and days of repairs and getting the boat ready for her trip up the coast, we finally caught up and took Sea Eagle out for a very pleasurable cruise around San Francisco Bay. We played tourist and did a slow putz by the Golden Gate bridge and then headed over to Alcatraz island to see that very famous bit of history.

San Francisco's landmark bridge.

San Francisco’s landmark bridge.

I was looking for Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery (the Rock), but just spotted the old buildings of that very famous prison. The boat performed flawlessly and I was able to exercise both radar systems as well as my newly wired backup navigation system (a laptop, since the backup PC was DOA).

As is usual on the bay, the wind came up in the afternoon and was blowing 25-30 knots when we headed back for the Marina. It was gusting hard when I took the boat through the very tight breakwater, so I had to keep the power on and go a bit faster than I’d like, but we squirted through without incident and slid home with little fuss.