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Yes Please on her first buoy at Hope Island.

Yes Please on her first buoy at Hope Island.

We spent our first night out on Yes Please after a quick trip to Hope Island. It has probably been about 7 years since I’ve been able to pick up and use a mooring buoy (previous boats were too big) and I was delighted at how easy it was.

It was Sherri’s first attempt at snagging a buoy and she accomplished it like a pro, easy and smooth despite the strong currents. We set up a short bridle, turned off the engines and did what boats do, relaxed and enjoyed the quiet. Over the course of our two nights out on the boat, we tested all the systems we hadn’t used yet and were extremely pleased how well everything worked. The stove cooked, the diesel furnace warmed us up, the davit was easy, the dingy started right up, the generator quietly gurgled and we had a wonderful time.

Sherri Ernsberger worshipping the sun at Hope Island.

First mate, Sherri Ernsberger, worshipping the sun on the last day of Winter, at Hope Island.

I was especially pleased with how well the batteries performed. They are ten year old AGM’s that I am planning on replacing soon, but held their charge overnight with only a 0.1 volt drop, even with lots of lights, the fridge, pumps and iphone chargers running all night. Excellent!!

We slept like babies and did NOT want to head back to civilization on Sunday morning.