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Nordhavn 47 Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle snug in her berth with the Tacoma Glass Museum and UW in the background.

Sea Eagle was snug in her Tacoma, Washington berth over the weekend. I took the opportunity to dive and clean the bottom and check on the zincs and running gear. The Petite Barnacle Buster Paint that was applied to the propellers is a complete failure after only 3 months in service. There are already sizable barnacles growing on the the main (which were laughing at my scrub brush). Grrrrr!

I did take a moment to go through the log book and realized that in the year Sea Eagle has been in Tacoma, she has been out cruising 45 times and has covered nearly 2500 nautical miles. Not bad for a boat that is primarily used on weekends!

The Thea Foss Waterway, in Tacoma has turned out to be a great location for a Nordhavn. Central Puget Sound is a few minutes away with a plethora of anchorages and marinas. Downtown Tacoma is within easy walking distance with the Tacoma Dome for entertainment, the University of Washington, Glass Museum and lots of great restaurants along the waterfront.

Heading over to dinner on the Thea Foss Waterway

Heading over to dinner on the Thea Foss Waterway

I have also had very good luck in our choice of Marinas, scoring a nice big slip, right at the bottom of the ramp, making loading the boat an easy task. The Marina staff has been exceptional and takes great care of the facilities, the boaters and the boats. Life is Good!